Have you put your life on hold?

Is now the time to stop wasting your life
and start living more fully?


Does this sound like you?

Often not achieving what you want?
Always find something else to do rather than the task in hand

Puts things off until you absolutely have to do them?
Lose sleep over things you have to tackle the next day?

Running just to stand still as obligations and tasks pile up around you?
Finding office or house work a chore
Take the easy option every time?
Feeling that the faster you run after success, the more it eludes you.

Held back, frustrated, trapped, stuck?
Even avoid doing things that will make you feel good about yourself

If this is you, you could be suffering from procrastination.
You’re not alone. It’s a common problem.  Procrastination is responsible for more business and personal failures and relationship disasters than almost anything else.


Procrastination ruins relationships, careers and lives.......



Suzanne’s story: “Procrastinating made me ill”

“I’m not alone – apparently one in five people feel they have chronic procrastination problems. If you’ve got it bad it can spoil your whole life. I simply cannot pay bills on time. I miss out on events because I never get round to buying tickets. I make and break promises to myself – and everyone I came across – time and time again. I even waste expensive gift vouchers because I put off spending them until it was too late.

Eventually it got so bad that after splitting up with yet another boyfriend and finally losing my best friend, I had some kind of breakdown. I’d reached rock bottom.”

David’s story: “My carrier bag hell brought us close to divorce”

“I’ve always found it hard to throw things away. Especially my old paperwork – unimportant rubbish like supermarket receipts, train tickets, empty envelopes, fliers, birthday and Christmas cards, bills, you name it.

I got married seven years ago, moved into a new flat with my lovely wife and continued hoarding paperwork. By this time last year it had invaded her side of the wardrobe and filled the space under the bed. As well as the attic. Which was when she finally snapped. She’d been asking nicely for six years and I’d kept promising then doing nothing about it. I was totally shocked when one day she just left me. To cut a long story short she refused to come back until I sorted myself out and stopped wasting my life.”

David’s wife: “It wasn’t about the mess, although it drove me nuts. It was Chris’s lack of respect that finally got to me. I’d asked and begged and pleaded. I’d even cried with frustration. But Chris completely ignored my needs, opinions and requests. And he broke every single promise to do something. To me, love isn’t worth much without respect.”

Jack’s story: "I procrastinated during the recession and lost our home”

“It’s all very well putting things off when times are good. Until early 2008 my small business was sailing along. I’d been merrily putting off invoicing customers and paying suppliers. I was raking it in so being slack didn’t really matter. When the recession hit I started leaking cash hand over fist. My biggest suppliers refused to extend my credit because I hadn’t paid on time for years. And four of my key customers went down the pan without any warning. Because I hadn’t invoiced them I lost thousands.

You can probably guess what happened. This time last year we enjoyed a big house in Surrey. Now myself, the wife and kids are squashed into a small rented house. And we’re struggling.”

Jack’s kids: “We were really scared for ages. Mum and dad kept shouting at each other and mum cried a lot. We had to move house and now we live a long way from our friends.”


If your procrastination is holding you back from getting more done, achieving more in your life, or sabotaging your relationships and your career then if you want things to change, I can help you.

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These real life stories show how destructive procrastination can be. The worse it gets, the worse the effects… and the effects can be horribly dramatic.
The good news is that you can do something about it. You, your family, your loved ones and colleagues needn’t suffer like these people did. You just need the right resources and information.



“This is an invaluable resource and I know it will really help my members. I want to offer it to my conference delegates so that they go away ready to take action. Having read it myself and used the principles in the book, I can highly recommend it.” Neil Stafford, (The Internet Marketing Review) Wigan, UK


So exactly how bad is your procrastination problem?

So how acute is your procrastination problem? Even if it doesn’t seem like a crisis to you, it’s wise to take what other people say to heart. If your behaviour is upsetting your friends, loved ones and colleagues it needs to be sorted out.
Just answer yes or no to these seven key questions then add up your ‘yes’ answers:

  1. Have you ever lost a friend, a job, an opportunity or a lover because you procrastinated once too often?
  2. Are you unhappy about missing out on fun stuff because of your procrastination problems?
  3. Do you notice the effects of your procrastination on other people?
  4. Do people mention it to you often?
  5. Do people get upset about your procrastination?
  6. Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your procrastination?
  7. Is your procrastination getting worse?

Finished? Check out your results;

How many questions did you answer ‘yes’?

1 yes answer: you might not be a procrastinator yet but watch yourself… it can creep up on you

2 to 4 yes answers: You have a problem with procrastination. Four yes answers means you’re potentially heading for real trouble.

5 or more yes answers: Seven yes answers indicates you’re probably very seriously affected by procrastination. As are the people you love and those you work with. Act now!


"This dratted book! I have cleared out the cloaks cupboard, thrown out three baskets of rubbish and found a letter buried on my desk that I have been trying to find for over a year. You really do change lives." F James, Chichester, UK


Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start living?

Procrastination truly can ruin your life – if you let it. What do you keep putting off that would make an unbelievable difference to your health and happiness right now?
Discover the simple steps you can take to taking control today and start changing your behavior the easy way.

Let me reassure you, you are not alone – 70% of people say they procrastinate and that means you are underperforming in every area of your life.

If you think that being a procrastinator just affects you and no one around you, then think again. 

Don’t believe me?  Ask your partner, friends and colleagues and be prepared for a shock.

Are you going to keep putting off the important things that make life worthwhile? Tackling procrastination will give you a more satisfying and fulfilling life, with time to do the things you really want to.

Do you want to have the fulfilling life that you know is yours if you only had the time to grab it? Let me show you the simple tools and techniques that will help you start doing that today.

Are you ready to take action and stop forever just thinking about doing something about it? Enabling you to stop dreaming and start putting those plans and dreams into practice.

Isn’t it time to start living and stop putting things off? Enjoy the ‘benefit’ of freedom from worrying about what you haven’t done, and choose how you can best spend your time productively and pleasurably.


Free yourself from procrastination forever - right now!

Get effective, practical, informative help
As a serial procrastinator, you’re probably pretty unhappy in yourself. It isn’t easy dealing with the knowledge that putting things off is making your family, friends and workmates miserable. You – and they – are unable to move forwards. Everyone involved with you is eventually paralysed by your inability to just get stuff done.

Banish procrastination with this amazing eBook

AnnA Rushton, author and expert health writer, will show you exactly how to banish procrastination. Today.


”I understand that one of the biggest influences on a person’s success is whether they procrastinate or take action. I know because I’m an ex-procrastinator myself. That’s why I wrote ‘How To Kill Procrastination and Get On With Your Life!’. I’m delighted to share all my information, research, hints, tips and advice so you can benefit too.

If procrastination is holding you back from getting more done, achieving more in your life, or sabotaging your relationships and your career then if you want things to change, my ebook will help you.

AnnA Rushton, Author


What you’ll learn in ‘How To Kill Procrastination and Get On With Your Life!’

Exactly WHY you procrastinate – the No. 1 reason and how to beat it

What kind of procrastinator you are which means you know exactly how to tackle those habits that get in the way.

Your personal triggers – and what to do about them so you are able to avoid potential procrastination situations and reduce the stress of dealing with them.

What you need to know about emotional profit & loss and how it’s holding you back when it could be helping you move forward.

How to overcome fear, resistance and objections with ease giving you real choice about how you are acting and enabling you to start enjoying life’s challenges rather than dreading them.

What is your personal procrastination style?

If you want to know which of the 6 different types of procrastinator you are, why not download our free questionnaire? Identifying your personal style is the first step towards overcoming procrastination and taking control. Just fill in the form below and we’ll send it right away.


“This is so insightful, humorous and compassionate that I felt you were talking just to me. I loved the real, practical solution. If you really want to stop procrastinating, this is the book that will help you do it.” L Pearce, Dunedin, NZ





Acknowledging that you need help is a big step, so well done. Once you stop procrastinating you’re going to want so much more out of life. Here’s a reward – three really useful bonuses with my compliments:

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“I have always found your books so helpful and this is no exception. I want to order another copy for my brother-in-law because I’m sure he will get the same benefit from it that I have.”
Robert Paterson, Brazil, S America



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